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About us

PIKLIK is more than just hand-made ladies’ cotton nightwear.  Every piece is a product of love and care, starting from selecting the materials, to designing, sewing and finishing. The distinctive qualities of pure cotton in every sense make PIKLIK nightwear a true oriental indulgence. Fashionable yet classical designs are the signature of each product.


With the establishment of a manufacturing base in Chaing Mai, Thailand, P.K. Northern Export Co., Ltd., PIKLIK is able to acquire more skilful local artisans, enabling it to introduce a wide range of world-class quality products onto both local and international markets. Our products include shirts for men, blouses for women and children, gift items, bed curtains and bedroom accessories. PIKLIK now aims to pamper men with its new line of night shirts and pyjamas.


PIKLIK’s zero-fault history is thanks to the hard work and discipline of the local employees employed by the company.












                                          Mrs Nilawan Charmornman Waller

                                           Proprietor and Managing Director

                                           [email protected]


                                           P.K. Northern Export Co., Ltd.

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